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If you have ever received a ticket for a traffic violation, your first concerns most likely have to do with the impact to your driving record, your insurance premiums, and your wallet. With fees added on top of the amount of the traffic ticket, fines for traffic violations in California are among the highest in the nation. As a result, it is understandable to want to lower your fines if possible. Some drivers simply pay the ticket fee, thus accepting the consequences of their violation. Others understand that attending traffic school may help their situation. Some, however, believe that by attending traffic school, their fines will be lowered or dismissed. This is a common misconception. In reality, attending traffic school erases points on your license; it does not dismiss your fines. In fact, you will usually be required to pay your fines before you’re allowed to attend traffic school.

So, why attend traffic school at all? It may just be the right option for you, depending on your eligibility. California drivers are allowed to take traffic school once every 18 months. For the court to remove the point, you will have to present a certificate that indicates you completed the required class.
In addition to clearing the points on your license, successful completion of traffic school also benefits you by removing the risk of having your license suspended, and it keeps your auto insurance premiums in check. Regardless of the severity of your case, a knowledgeable traffic attorney can help you through complex legal technicalities, so you understand all of your options and can make the most informed decision possible.

Our job as California traffic attorneys is to make your business with courts and judges go smoothly. Most ordinary drivers simply don’t understand enough about the intricacies of the law to represent themselves in court. We have years of experience on our side, and can offer valuable guidance in a variety of cases.
We can help you decide if traffic school is the best option for you, or if your case is worth fighting in court. Even if you do attend traffic school, we can help you make sure you utilize the experience to your full advantage. Call us today and allow our experts counsel you through your case.