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Why hire an experienced attorney? If you have received a traffic ticket, the better question is: why not hire an experienced attorney? In order to get the best possible outcome for your situation, nothing short of a traffic lawyer well versed in the California traffic code will do. It’s true that many people act in their own defense in court. The truth is, many who attempt this end up failing to convince the judge to reduce or dismiss their violation, and end up paying costly fines, dealing with points on their driving record, and enduring increased insurance premiums. By hiring an experienced traffic attorney, you will have the expertise on your side to fight the gamut of traffic violations, from minor to severe. Consider the following:

Jurisdictions in California and across the country are cracking down on traffic violations for one simple reason: money. Revenue generated by ticket fines helps counties and cities that are in financial trouble. They raise the cost of the fines, and then strengthen and improve their methods of catching offenders. A knowledgeable lawyer is your ally against aggressive prosecutors fighting to collect on every ticket issued. We will defend your rights and protect you from the consequences of a traffic violation (which may be far more than a simple fine).

An experienced traffic attorney is familiar with the intricacies of the law and the consequences you could face. They know that a traffic violation will earn you points on your driving record. These points, which are cumulative, are monitored by the California DMV. Moving violations may add one point or even two points to your record, as does an accident where you were at fault. You’ll earn two points for any of the following: a DUI for drugs or alcohol, a hit-and-run accident, reckless driving or over 100mph, or driving with a suspended/revoked license. If you accumulate too many points within a certain timeframe, the DMV will suspend or revoke your driver’s license. Those timeframes are as follows: four points within twelve months, six points within twenty-four months, eight points within thirty-six months. Points on your driving record can also increase your insurance premiums. These consequences form a ripple effect, and only the help of a knowledgeable lawyer can minimize the impact your tickets.

Our job is to fight your traffic charges, so you can achieve the best possible outcome to your case. We have the know-how to successfully defend you in court. We understand all the complex technicalities of the law, and can use them for your benefit to negotiate for lesser charges, reduced or dismissed fines, or other alternatives that fit your situation. The services of an experienced traffic attorney are quite affordable, especially when compared to all the costly fines and consequences you could face in the future by accepting your charge.